Have you been studying and studying but still don’t seem to be getting anywhere with your Language skill?

Do you have a desire to communicate to your friends, but just don’t know how?

Do you know all the grammar points and vocabulary but can’t seem to have a conversation?

Do you lack confidence to speak the language your learning?



Who is Language Exchange for?

For working people or young professionals:

Learn English, Mandarin or Cantonese to improve your business, get you the job you want, or pass that interview!  If you are looking to boost your confidence to speak the language in your company and work place. Or you want to use English to promote your business or get you that promotion – then LEx is for you!

For Students:

Learn English, Mandarin or Cantonese to enhance your study at school. If you want confidence to speak to your classmates and friends! Or are looking to put your knowledge to the test through practical conversation skill – Then LEx is for you!

For Everyone:

Perhaps you want to learn for your business or are looking to study abroad or just survive in Hong Kong or in a foreign country, LEx can provide you with the skills you need! Learning a language has never been so much FUN!